Standing Up for Rural America 

West Texas is the food, fuel, and fiber capital of the world. As a champion for rural America, I will continue to fight for our hard-working families in Congress. During my time in office, I’ve delivered a record of results for our region, including:

  • Fighting for farmers and restoring cotton to the 2018 Farm Bill safety net
  • Repealing Obama-era regulations
  • Fighting for fair trade deals
  • Cutting red tape and bureaucracy for rural health care providers

If we are going to maintain the ability to feed our own people and fuel the American economy, we need to ensure our rural communities have access to quality healthcare. I’ve introduced legislation and Farm Bill language that passed the House and will permit rural hospitals to refinance their existing debt, allowing more hospitals to stay open and serve the patients who need them. I’ve also introduced legislation to empower rural health care providers, reduce costs to both patients and taxpayers, and strengthen the health and well-being of our families living in America’s breadbasket and energy basin.